Launching soon! – roasted beans and ground coffee at Think Caffee

Think Caffee focused on the Odisha coffee especially the Koraput Coffee, which is great taste and high quality. The important point of this region coffee production was not promoted well across the country and globally instead of high quality and high production capacity in this region. The best of this Odisha coffee is that it’s produced by the local Koraput tribes.


Think Caffee Culture Pvt Ltd is main focus on the promoting the Odisha Coffee to various region of India and global. This away we created huge opportunity for the Odisha tribal people to get benefited from their coffee farming.

Think Caffee is launching the roasted coffee beans and ground coffee packs of various size/amounts (50gm, 150gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg) through various online platforms (Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Big Basket,) and also available in our online ordering system. One can buy the same in our various outlets directly. All our coffee products are available in the supermarkets (Big Bazar, D Mart, More, Star Bazar, etc) in your cities.


For getting regular discount rate of our various products, please do register/signup in our site to get various offers and discounts regularly in our site and outlets.

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