First Foundation Day – Think Caffee Culture (TCC) Pvt. Ltd., 2022

Welcome to Think Caffee Culture (TCC) Pvt. Ltd., India’s fastest growing favourite coffee shop where the youngster and professional at the real heart unwind thinking process starts. Popularly known as Think Caffee / Think Caffee Culture (TCC), it’s unique café chain in India having various new services and platform especially for the youngster and professional to encourage the new start-ups. 

Our café will truly make you and feel your international levels with its various services. It’s first in its kind of café outlets in India, which has games, meeting room for new stat-ups. 


The origin of Think Caffee began over the years ago, with the humble bean. Our journey to the Think Caffee started in the year 2019 in New York City, USA with meticulously planning etc. but it takes shapes from 2020 December, where the global COVID19 pandemic about to start. We have very difficult time and challenges for us, as its global pandemic time. Due to the strong determination by our Founder and CEO, the real and actual shape of the Think Caffee has come into effects from January 2021.   


This year Think Caffee Culture Pvt. Ltd. (TCC) is going to celebrate the company 1st Foundation Day. This first year of TCC is a biggest challenge and roller coaster ride year for us.   


Think Caffee was founded and incorporated as a private company limited on 20.02.2022 by our founder Dr San Maharana. His strong determination, work dedication, excellent roadmap and concept for unique planning for café is outstanding by introducing such new concept to young generation will help and boosting the local start-ups.


Our first-year journey is way harder, highly challengeable, full of hard work by the team, strong determination, surprises, joy, yummy food, tasteful of beverages, strong teamwork, great customer, strong support from our local youngster for their best encouragement and good feedbacks. Think Caffee will be always remember our two strong women for their excellent contribution for the formation of the TCC i.e., Director and MD., Mrs. Suchitra Maharana and Executive MD & PR, Mrs. Bhumika Malhotra for their outstanding contribution.


Think Caffee known for its amazing features that are


1.     LIVE MusicSinger/Dancer from locals

2.     Event Room – Birthday/Anniversary/Meeting/Conference/Seminar

3.     Workspace – Software Professionals/Other Professional

4.     Lounge Area – VIPS/Celebrities

5.     Shuffleboard GameFor All

6.   Great Coffee and Food 

7.   Great Ambiance in the City/Odisha


Think Caffee would like to thank all the rest of the teams (Mr. Shivaram Maharana, Mr. Rabi Chandra Behera, Mr. Balaji, Mr. Abhilash Maharana, Mr. Rabi Paik, Mr. Bhawani Prasad Chinnary, Mr. Bhaskar Chinnary, Mr. Anil Jena), our alumni (ex-staffs) & our vendor especially Mr Anil who has helps us.


Thanks a Million


Best wishes

TCC Management Team

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