Think Store (TS), Supermarket for Cafe/Restaurant/Hotels,Now Open

Think Store (TS) is a unit of the Think Caffee Culture Pvt. Ltd. (TCC). The main purpose of this store is to supply all kind of grocery related to Café, Restaurant, Hotels. All kinds of frozen foods. We provide all kinds of materials in reasonable and discounted rate. We do provide Free Delivery. 

Think Store opening its outlet in Opening 2022 in Brahmapur. TCC is going to be the fastest café chain, it has many great features and services than any other classical cafes.

Think Store known for its amazing features that are

  1. Frozen Food
  2. Café / Restaurant Grocery
  3. Workspace
  4. Lounge Area
  5. Shuffleboard Game

The café outlets are conceptualised and envisioned by international experts. The outlet is having good seating space, suitable for hosting events like birthday party, special occasion for couples, open mic sessions, product launch and corporate meeting.    

You can reserve the seating space for your respective events by online booking system in our website

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