Our Team

Management Team

Mrs Suchitra Maharana (BCA)


Our Managing Director is involved in creating business opportunities for our outlets in other cities and PAN-India project. She is involved in market analysis, recruitment, staff organisation, inventory management and social media.

Mrs Bhumika Malhotra

Executive MD & PR (B.Tech.)

Mrs Bhumika is dynamicaly engaged in the overall operation and management of the company. Previously worked and experienced in MNC company for long years project coordination & management. She is involved in market analysis, recruitment, staff organisation, inventory management and social media.

Mr. Abhilash Maharana (B.Tech.)

COO & Executive MD

Our Chief Operation Officer is actively engaged in the daily operation of the Think Caffee Outlets, Previously worked as Mechanical Engineer in MNC & his Intensive work experience in the Poultry Management System, he is engaged in PAN-India Project.

TCC - Advisory Board Memeber

Mrs Shobha T

Advisory Board Memeber

Dr. Suad Almasoudi

Advisory Board Member

Coming from Science background, she has great love towards the Arabic Coffee, and coffee related products. She is working as Asst. Professor at Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arab. Everyone knows that the only profession in this world, who consumes highest number of coffees in a day belong to scientific community. It’s my great privilege to be member of this Think Caffee Culture Pvt Ltd company, as an Advisory Board Member. It’s the coffee which binds me to associate and work for this Think Caffee Culture Pvt Ltd company and Think Caffee Culture (TCC) Foundation. Having the intensive experiences from research field and tourism company (E-stay tourism company, Saudi Arab), good experiences gained from various cafe visits across the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. I would like to contribute my thought, feeling and intensive work experience for this organisation for its growth and prosperity.

Dr San Maharana

Advisory Board Member, TCC Pvt. Ltd & TCC Foundation

Having intensively travelled across the world (American, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America), with his great interest to learn about various culture, food, languages and increase his knowledge to understand various civilisation of the world. He travelled almost 77 nations till now. He has great love towards various culture and countries food and drinks, especially love towards the coffee is high. His love towards coffee started from his school time to till now. Our founder is a scientist by his profession, but he has great interest/hobbies on cooking and preparing great coffee in his weekend time during his study and work time at Asia, American and Europe. He has learned how to brew coffee during his tenure of work at New York City. He has worked as scientist at New York University (NYU), during which he has visited almost all cafes across the great New York City. Presently, he is working as great leader for Think Caffee Culture Pvt. Ltd. (TCC) and TCC Foundation for its growth and prosperity. His intensive work experience in research field, interior designing, and his analytic knowledge has encourage both organisation to rich such highest in short time periods. He has visited various cafes across the world. He has shared his personal and professional experience has great help in the company growth and prosperity.

Management Team